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Going, Going, Gone!
Story of the Texas Auctioneer

The figure of the auctioneer looms large in the American story, and many don’t realize the incredible skill and artistry it takes to conduct an auction. Going, Going, Gone!—Story of the Auctioneer highlights contemporary auctioneers throughout Texas,  showcasing their dedication to craft and the ethics and skills of their trade. This documentary short peeks into the key and under-recognized role that auctions play in priming America’s economic pumps during times of crisis.

The Auctioneer Project is a multi-media endeavor that celebrates the power, voice, and art of a true Texas tradition—auctioneering. Recently, the tumultuous economy has made the public more aware of the importance of the auction process in priming the economic pumps of America. With rare archival photography, relevant artifacts, and audio clips of auctioneers and auctions, highlights and offers historical and contemporary views of the “second oldest profession.”

This exhibit highlights the enormous amount of skill and artistry needed to conduct auctions successfully. It introduces contemporary auctioneers from throughout Texas, whose dedication to their craft and commitment to maintaining the ethics and skills of their trade.

Take a moment to watch Going, Going, Gone - Story of the Texas Auctioneer. We hope you enjoy it.