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Two Worlds – One Path

In youth, many of us explore who we are and who we may become. That exploration takes place in a familiar and safe environment for most of us. We turn to family and friends when challenges arise for comfort and support. What happens when those challenges include navigating an entirely new path in an unfamiliar country, with an incomprehensible language, and surrounded by cultural values we neither share nor understand?

Two Worlds – One Path is a tribute to the voices of two generations of immigrant women leaving their homelands of Romania and Vietnam. World events, economics, and the looming threat of peril prompt each family to abandon material possessions, leave behind loved ones, and travel uncertain journeys to a foreign country as new immigrants.

Often the victims of prejudice and bias, the two women eventually adapt to living in the United States. Their stories parallel similarities of the immigrant survival experience today as they navigate the dangers presented on their journeys.

Squeeze Accordionly

This musical story opens the audience's eyes and ears to the often underestimated and underappreciated accordion. This surprisingly complex musical instrument has a deep history that transcends its “fame” from the three decades of Lawrence Welk.

The versatile accordion is primary to norteño rhythm and conjunto, entangles tango dancers, explodes in a zydeco beat, and makes people smile on dance floors around the world. It makes a distinctive appearance in Irish jigs, French musettes, rock and roll, and even classical music and, without asking, can quickly become the rollicking center of attention.

Squeezebox, windbox, stomach Steinway... the accordion community embraces diversity throughout generations, cultures, levels of musicianship, and language. This documentary presents performances and personal stories from musicians who reveal nuanced layers of culture, sound, and talent as they display their deep love and connection to the box, whatever the shape or size. Squeeze Accordionly prompts the audience to remove their cultural blinders and simply enjoy.


PolkaWorks is very proud of our productions which include documentaries, exhibits, and public programs. Please take a few moments to read about these fascinating subjects that educate and entertain audiences.

SaddleUp - Texas Ranching Tradition

SaddleUP honors the iconic Texas rancher and their rich connections with tradition, family and the land. The beautiful and compelling images tell a captivating story while their oral histories demonstrate how people connected despite ethnic, socio-economic and generational diversity. read more

Texas Czechs: Rooted in Tradition

Czech culture has played an instrumental role in shaping the iconic Texas landscape. Like many immigrant, Czechs brought dance, food, language, music, and other cultural traditions with them. read more

The Grove, Texas Documentary

The story of The Grove, Texas town is an important piece of Texas history. In 1972, collector and propmaster Moody Anderson purchased and restored an abandoned town and brought it back to life. The Grove, Texas shares this story. read more

Going, Going, Gone! Story of the Texas Auctioneer

The Auctioneer Project is a multi-media endeavor that celebrates the power, voice, and art of a true Texas tradition—auctioneering. Recently, the tumultuous economy has made the public more aware of the importance of the auction process in priming the economic pumps of America. read more