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The Grove, Texas

The story of the The Grove, Texas town is an important piece of Texas history. In 1972, Moody Anderson, a good-natured cowboy collector of offbeat treasures, bought an abandoned town located southeast of Gatesville, and brought it back to life.

In the film The Grove, Texas Moody faces the heart-wrenching task of dismantling and selling his collection of Americana artifacts used in hundreds of famous films from Lonesome Dove to the Coen Brothers version of True Grit. Director Lori Najvar and film editor Nancy Higgens capture the emotional storm of doubt, excitement, and sense of closure as Moody puts his life’s passion in the hands of auctioneer Robb Burley.

This documentary has something for everyone – Baby Boomers nostalgic for the good old days, movie buffs, treasure hunters, and even younger generations reared on a steady diet of reality TV will each find meaning in this story. While on-screen, Anderson has an extraordinary ability to seemingly stop time and ignite a sense of youth and hope in the viewer as the camera follows his dream to recreate an idealized past that may or may not have existed.

This film blends compelling personal narratives with a larger discussion of community survival while contrasting the experience of frontier settlement with modern economic and social realities of contemporary Texas. The story follows the tenacity of serious collectors, and the historical, economic, and cultural importance of auctions in communities large and small.

The Grove, Texas is a recipient of a Humanities Texas: National Endowment of Humanities We the People award along with generous support from the Auctioneer Education and Recovery Fund.

Production Crew
Lori Najvar–Director & Producer
Jeffrey Brown & Loretta Cooper–Producers
Nancy Higgins–Editor

Also including–Peter Baer, Jessica Bradley, Sandy Carson, Melissa Eddy, Evan Ho, Claire Huie, Max Kruemcke, Ben Mettin, Dawn Orsak, René Pinnell, Rose Potter, Mark Southern, Joseph Vitone, Brittney Washington, Jaime Yu

Original Music
Chuck Allen, Thomas E. Murphy, Chuck Pinnell

Official Media Contact
PolkaWorks lori@polkaworks.org

Moody Anderson.

Historic buildings at The Grove.


posted on 1/20/2013